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Many top researchers believe that intense exercise causes a severe rise in cortisol levels. This increase in cortisol, a powerful catabolic hormone, can impede muscle growth.

Elevated cortisol breaks down muscle and blocks protein synthesis while slowing glucose utilization. Cort-Bloc™ suppresses cortisol production and prevents muscle- tissue cannibalization.

Cort-Bloc™ is the first supplement medically proven to suppress workout- related cortisol. Lowered cortisol levels enable greater amino acid uptake for enhanced nitrogen retention, accelerated glucose utilization/glycogen synthesis, and increased protein synthesis.

In recent clinical studies when phosphatidylserine (herein referred to as PS), the primary active ingredient found in Cort-Bloc™, was administered to strength athletes, cortisol levels were reduced by almost 30%! This can result in more productive workouts and growth.

In one study PS promoted a marked reversal of many symptoms associated with depression. PS also stimulated dramatic improvements in memory and retention of information.

PS is a natural substance found in cell membranes in the brain, specifically in the cerebral cortex neuronal membrane. It can act as an antioxidant and in doing so may enhance longevity.


• Highly effective cortisol antagonist
• Enhances nitrogen retention
• Greater amino acid uptake
• Helps maximize muscle growth
• Reduces stress reactions
• Greater rate of recovery
• Boosts immunity
• Enhances longevity
• Can reverse the symptoms of depression
• Can boost protein synthesis by blocking stress hormones

Ingredients: Medical-grade phosphatidylserine extract with glutamine peptide. Contains wheat.


Take 2-4 capsules before ever workout. During intense dieting, take 1 capsule on non-workout days before bedtime.

Recommended use: For all high-intensity bodybuilders.

60 caps/bottle

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